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Hello, my name is Lizander and...


I am very passionate about Marketing and Social Media. I love having ideas to promote different businesses.

What would you be interested in?

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I also teach Brazilian Portuguese and English to Brazilians.

I am from Rio is a combination of Brazilian Portuguese Classes and my love for Rio de Janeiro.

I teach Brazilian Portuguese and English in person (Miami, Florida) or online (Google Hangout/Skype). Need a different of way of learning?   READ MORE

Olá alunos! No meu blog você pode encontrar dicas e vídeos traduzidos para português, gírias e expressões do dia a dia...   READ MORE

Whenever I have something good to share with all my students, I post on my Facebook page. Articles, Brazilian Portuguese tips, pictures from Brazil and etc. My passion for Rio de Janeiro is also something that you'll see very clear.

To teach is to get to know people in a different way, a special way. I became friends with most of my students and if you click on the picture below you'll seesome of the reviews they made.

After being assigned a project in São Paulo and studying Portuguese on my own, I knew I needed help if I wanted to talk to my non-English-speaking Brazilian colleagues. I met with Lizander and he came up with a custom lesson plan that formed the basis of my conversation skills. After a couple of months of lessons, I returned to Brazil and was incredibly pleased with my confidence level in speaking in Portuguese at work and socially. The lessons with Lizander were informal but structured, and the lesson document that he created for me was customized and updated with notes from each lesson for me to download. It was also a real pleasure to get to know Lizander and meet with him each week.

Peter Howells, Interaction Designer at Google

"As a more Portuguese speaker that never had learned grammar or vocabulary in a more formal setting, I reached out to Lizander for more structural learning and 'filling in the gaps' of my Portuguese knowledge. Lizander worked with me to figure out my weaknesses and improve them. Since then, I feel a lot more comfortable speaking to other natives besides my parents. I would definitely recommend Lizander to anyone who wants to learn more Portuguese at any level."

Will Goto, Software Engineer II at Periscope (Twitter)

Check all the reviews here.

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