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Languages Outside the Classroom

    It's ridiculous to start learning a language like: "I eat bread". No one wants that. Language courses exist to be profitable and to make the student stay in class for ages. Not my thing.


My question yo you is:

  • What is it that you need? Do you want to get promoted at work? I'll get you there.

  • Do you want to travel? I'll give you the basic expressions and so on.

My idea is to teach people in "Real Life Environment". Instead of teaching you how to order a cafe inside a classroom, I'm taking you with me to a real café, for you to order it by yourself. No worries, I'll be your wingman. 


Theory and pratice at the same time, experiencing the language, touching, smelling and etc.


My classes will help you not only with the language itself but also with your self-confidence. I love to hear my student's confidence improving when people are impressed with their Portuguese or English.


So every person is different. Whatever the reason you have to speak Portuguese or English, I’m able to adapt to the way you learn the best.


Which is the way you learn faster?

  • Are you mostly visual, who learn faster with pictures and videos?

  • Reading texts? Watching a movie?

  • Touching objects or watching with your own eyes?


I’m good at read best people’s way to learn. I love to improvise and use not only my native language but my work experience in banking, sales, administration and communication.

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