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Co-working Cabin

Unplug or plug-in.

Perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, grad students and outdoor lovers alike.

Inspirational long weekend

Are you feeling burned out? Our recipe:

Pack your things on Wednesday and leave the next day right after work.

Work from our sweet cabin on Friday and enjoy your long weekend.

Enjoy the Cabin

A perfect working getaway: a cozy cabin complete with wifi, TV, electricity & the comforts of home with a gorgeous view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the peace and quiet of a mountaintop where you can work remotely and enjoy an extended weekend.

Meet the Couple

Her phrase: A Brazilian-American-Italian couple in love with traveling the world.

His phrase: Two social and respectful creatures, looking for new businesses ideas and challenges.

Are you ready?

Check our calendar on Airbnb here.

If you prefer having the entire cabin to yourself, click here.

Anything else? Use the contact form below:

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